Paris, Paris

I realize in horror that I have not posted anything for several months… Blogging time is no regular time (it seems like I blogged only yesterday) and it can give the false impression that nothing has been happening at all. Quite the opposite, I would say, as in the last few months, I have relocated from Sheffield to Paris (and in the process got the whole deposit for my apartment refunded, something you have to give credit to British letting agents for, as it would NEVER EVER EVER happen in France), started a new job I won’t dwell upon but that keeps me busy and interested, continued writing papers on my English research and, together with friends and colleagues, started a new, exciting research project called Cat_Mat. The only bad thing about this project is that the English acronym does not sound so great. I suspect quite a few people will be lost in translation.

January will bring, hopefully, a few changes to this blog: maybe a few more photographs of Egypt, where we’re heading again; and a new, strong New Year’s resolution of blogging more regularly. I wish.